Genre: Twin-Stick Shooter Platform: PC
Duration: 7 Weeks

My contributions

  • Level design
  • Sound design
  • Camera design
  • UI/UX

Game Concept


 GODLY is a top down action shooter. Where you can Pick Up new items and customise your character with abilities. Find different types of projectiles, and use them to help you explore a world full of surprises.  For you to be able to go back to enjoying your holiday, hades needs to be sent packing and back to the underworld. But he won’t be going quietly his band of trusted monsters are committed to stopping you in your tracks. 


  Level Design/ART

Working with Level Generation

During this project we chose to use a tile based level generation, this presented a unique challenge when designing levels for the game

the tiles were seperated into four types:

  • Straight tiles
  • Turn tiles
  • T-Section tiles
  • Dead end tiles

This meant that when designing the tiles, they had to be designed as seperate rooms that had to work well as a standalone area, but still be able to fit with any other given tile.

Tile Generation in game

The tile generation system picked out what tiles would be used and placed them at a random rotation.

here is an example of a map that was generated and how the player path was created.

the tiles used in this generation are:

  • Turn tiles
  • T-Section tiles
  • Dead end tiles

note that there is no use of a straight tile in this generation. The fact that some tile types could be ommited meant that we had to make sure that all the tiles were useable but at the same time expendable.



Equipment system

Implementing customisation was one of the a Main Design objectives for our team, I created a UI system that visualises every item that the player has equipped.

Start Screen

In order to give the player an immediate immersion into the game, I designed a start screen that was set in a game environment.

I created some small scripts to bring the scene to life. a floating script so boats could bob up and down on the water. And a simple camera script that made the camera sweep through the environment when the play button is pressed.



During play the player is either in Explore mode or Battle mode as well as creating the base camera, I wanted to create two different camera settings that would reflect this

Explore cam: A zoomed in view of the player which allows for more detailed exploration of the environment.

Battle Cam: A Zoomed out version of the player cam to allow for a wider clearer view of the battle area. With screen shake added for hit effects.

+ Show Script

The main camera script

Here I change the camera type as part of the AreaTileScript

player outline checker

When testing the levels we had built, we found that the players view of the main character and enemies was often blocked by buildings and other obstacles.

I created a script that checks if the line of sight from camera to player is blocked. If it is blocked it activates an outline shader so that player can see where their character is.

+ Show script

Health and Dash

I created a simple health heart system that decreases and fills depending on the players current health.

I also made a dash bar that shows how much dash power you have left and when you can use your next dash

+ Show script

Health Bar Script

Dash Bar Script