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My name is Lewis Thomas, Originally from London, England I moved to the chilly town of Sundsvall, Sweden in 2012. Growing up my biggest passions in life were playing guitar and playing video games. During the first part of my adult life I worked as a session guitarist, but two years ago I changed my focus from music to the game industry despite never having made a game before, and I haven’t looked back since.

I moved from Sundsvall to Stockholm in order to study game design and in 2017 I started my studies at FutureGames. The past year I’ve spent countless hours at FutureGames and have spent time attending events within the industry to learn as much as possible. Now it is finally time for me dive in and do what I’ve been waiting for: To work at company and apply everything I’ve learned at FutureGames thus far in a industry setting. I see the opportunity to have an internship as a very important part of my education and my goal is to be a part of your team at Hazelight by the end of it.

”Working right next to the best programmers and artists in the industry, with no barriers in between. What more can a level designer desire?” – Filip Coulianos

I couldn´t have said it better myself. What more could you ask for? This is a dream for any person in my situation. Coming from a hands on school like FutureGames and my personal experiences working in tight-knit groups I know that this would be an environment that I can thrive in. The overwhelming positivity that radiates from Hazelight employees that I have met is infectious and has prompted me to write my application. On top of it all being able to ”Push the boundaries for interactive storytelling and engaging emotional experiences.” is exactly why I began developing games in the first place.

I want to be at a company that wants to challenge the industry and constantly develop the craft of making games. I am a fast learner and I am not afraid to take on new challenges, on the contrary it feeds my motivation. During my internship period I hope to be treated like an employee and be allowed to take on responsibilities within the team.

As an intern you can expect my full commitment because I always give my all in what I do, both for my own development but also to produce results. For me it is important that I thrive and develop personally, but at the same time be able to show my employer that I contribute to the company, team and project. I hope that my application has piqued your interest in the same way Hazelight piqued mine.

”Making Josef's crazy ideas work. One day at a time.” – Anders Olsson.

Sounds perfect!