Skylar and Plux



Project : Level Design
Length : 3 Weeks

My contributions

  • Level Design
  • Level Art

Game Concept


Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island is an adventure platformer developed by Right Nice Games. As a part of a Level Design Course, I created a custom level during three weeks using Unreal Engine 4


Level DEsign/ART

Teaching the Swing and bounce

Skylar has the ability to use a swing between Swing Nodes whilst in the. In addition to this Skylar can jump onto mushrooms and be propelled into the air.

I placed them in such a fashion so as to to teach the player how to use the swing node and mushroom bounce mechanics in a single movement and gain momentum.

A Glimpse of what’s to come

In order to build a narrative for the player and show a glimpse of what lies ahead of them, this shot is used to frame the final area and boss of the level.

Hop Skip and a jump

In this sequence I wanted to teach the player how to use magnetic platforms in a safe environment.

Whilst at the same time creating a fluid jump sequence that evolves into using a swing node to traverse over a gorge.

Rounding the Turret

Once the player is back on solid ground I wanted to introduce a new type of enemy into the mix.

Timing the turret to activate just after the player lands means it is possible for the player to escape without being hit.

My reasoning for timing the turret activation like this, was that I wanted to make the player feel as if they had only just managed to escape, but in reality the risk factor is very low.

Vertical Magnetic PLatforming

The magnetic platforms are used in many different ways in the game, but I wanted to add an element of skill and timing to the platforming experience.

By placing the platforms on top of one another it created a vertical platforming element to the game

In this instance I placed bouncy mushroom at the base of the platforms to act as a safety net, and not punish the player whilst learning a new skill.

Throwing out the safety net

Now that the player is familiar with the vertical platforming element. I wanted to up the ante and introduce danger.

First in the form of a platform sequence without a bouncy mushroom for saftety.

Subsequently adding in a familiar face in the form of a turret but this time avoiding the shots is more difficult and requires a little thought and skill to pull off.

A leap of faith

In order to get our player to leap off the edge of a cliff I needed to make sure to frame the swing node correctly so the player would be more inclined to jump without thinking.

once the player is in the air I wanted this sequence to be a little trickier.

so I added a magentic platform puzzle mid-flight where the player needs to switch quickly between activating and de-activating the plaforms.

Taking a breather

I wanted the player to have a breather and allow the difficulty curve of the game to decline.

This area serves that purpose and in turn rounds the player neatly into the the final challenge.

The final push

As the level reaches its climax I wanted to incorporate a few elements that the player has already been exposed to in a fluid straight shot to the finish.

placing the first swing node slightly further away from the cliff edge meant that the player must time their swing so as to not plunge into the water.

I added a slightly more intricate magnet activation puzzle to challenge the player all the way up till the final swing to relative safety

The End

Finally our player arrives before the huge mechanical creature and a battle surely awaits them.