The Misadventures of spiky


Spiky Logo

Genre: Narrative Platform: PC
Duration: 4 Weeks
Team Size: 9 people

My contributions

  • Player Movement
  • Camera Design
  • Level Design
  • Level Art

Game Concept


The Misadventures of Spiky is a 2.5D puzzle-adventure game with focus on environmental storytelling. You play as the  innocent hedgehog Spiky, peacefully tucked away in your pile of leaves. All of a sudden, you get thrown out of your home by a reckless camper with a rake! Devastated, you decide to set out on a dangerous journey through the forest, to find a new home...


Level DEsign/ART

Introduction of interactables

As our Main character needed to interact with objects in the environment. It was important that we established a coherant set of signifiers, in this case the contrasting purple of the camping equipment that can be pushed/pulled, sets them apart from other object in the environment.

I designed this area to frame the interactables and have them in constant view of the player.

Teaching traversal

Climbing is key for progression through the game. So I created a danger free environment to allow for learning to climb, without punishing the player.

This is also an opportunity for the player to iterate on the push/pull functionality that they learned previously.

Puzzle intergration

Adding puzzle elements to the game was an intrinsic part of the design process it helped in involving the player directly with the story. Giving them the opportunity to affect the narrative.

I set this simple puzzle up to show that our player cannot swim and used the same signifiers to draw attention to the critical path and interactables

Implementing Story beats


Creating space for narrative story beats was important to telling the story of spiky.

Once the player has learnt the mechanics of the game, this is the point where story is introduced so the focus is soley the story beat itself.


Example 1: Spiky knocks over a petrol can and the player can see the fuel flowing toward the fire and exploding.

Example 2: The player after solving a simple puzzle, now gets to watch Spiky slowly float across a pond as the forest burns down around him.

   PLayer Movement


In order to make it easy for the team to be able to set up cameras throughout the game

I created a custom camera blueprint that followed "spiky through the level and also moved around obstacles that crossed the path of the camera.

+ Show Blueprint

follow Normals

I created a blueprint that would allow "spiky" to follow the contours of the environment whilst walking and climbing. by following the normal of the ground .

this made the movement feel more lifelike and was much more aesthetically pleasing.

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Spiky needed to be able to move things around in the environment

so I created a system where Spiky could both push and pull certain objects.

using a combination of physics handles and rootmotion animations

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